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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Recently when I was talking to one of my friends she happened to ask me "how come your accent hasn't changed?" I almost choked on my coffee but later on as I was thinking about it, panic set in...

why hasent my accent changed?
oh no, will i be an outcast when i go back to India?
what are the chances of me getting an"accent" in the next few years?

if i dont get it, do i fake it? or by a stroke of luck if i do get the accent will people then start thinking that i am faking it?

having lived in both northern & southern parts of this country which accent should i be faking for the time being? 

oh my god, what will be the long term implications of this issue?will my son feel ashamed to introduce me as his mom to his friends?will no one marry my daughter?i am losing sleep over this...i already have lost 5 pounds over the past couple of weeks...

I better do something before its too late, but for the time being let me go & prepare for my presentation in class which i believe i will be giving in whatever accent i(dont)have, unless lightening strikes me & i start thinking i was born in London...

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  1. Lovely Blog kano.. You have a very gripping way of writing, making us read on till the end, and then, wishing for more!! Good Luck!