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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

They never stop...

Scene 1: 3 years back, in the first few weeks of my life in frozen land:

me: I never get any mail !!
hubby: what !! whenever I see you, you are always replying to emails, chats, scraps !!

me: not emails !! I meant paper mail, letters, parcels. The outside world doesnt know I exist in this address.
hubby: ask your parents, cousins, aunts & uncles to send you letters instead of emails

me: huh !! that will be too many letters to reply back to. What a wastage of postage & paper !!
hubby: Sigh...

Somewhere in my head, something made me do this: Sign up to receive Chadwicks brochure.
And every time one arrived, I would proudly read my name and exclaim "ah !! see they know I live here".


Scene 2: present day

Opened the mailbox to find :
  1. coupons- from hair cutting to grass cutting
  2. roof repair
  3. drainage cleaning
  4. kohls - (hee hee)
  5. restaurants -(useful !!)
  6. spa coupons- (mmm...)
  7. maid services
  8. tyre repair - (practical to keep this)
  9. credit cards
  10. loan offers
  11. insurance companies
  12. mortgage companies
  13. septic tank installation & cleaning - (????)
  14. window cleaning
  15. A/C repair
& some more...

me: how the hell do they get our address ? how do they know we live here ? If only I could install a shredder right in our mailbox !! Sigh...

hubby: Now sit and enjoy reading your name !! hahaa...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sipping tea, I am wrestling between the thoughts of taking a nap or to finish grading the quizzes.

Well, I cant help it. 
Why? Blame the weather !!

Had been to the lab today (yeah, I work on saturdays !!). But didn't get much work done. 

Why? I tell you it's the weather... Take a look...

 The view from the window

I was wondering where did all the ducks disappear to? Florida ????

So wondering what I am doing here, decided to call it a day and head home(atleast)...

Once out of the building,  I saw that while a few brave hearts were still guarding the fort,  about 15 of them were waiting by my car... probably looking for a ride to Florida...

I let them know that the farthest I am driving today is about 8 miles from their lake and hit the road.

And here I am, looking out of our sunroom and seeing the not so sunny view...

In spite of the gloomy outlook, I love the rains !! Everything looks so fresh and green and the smell of the earth,ah !!  indescribable...

And now, time to head for the kitchen for another cup of tea and some more deep thinking  on whether to take a nap or to grade those quizzes...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No to Plagiarism !!!!

Highheelconfidential has been one of my favorite sites these days... 

full timepass for me when I come home after cracking my head open about almost everything at school !!

Payal & Priyanka have put soo much effort into this website and now this....

Grrrrrr... already wrote an email to this Zing thingy... apparently its owned by Zee !!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Status quo: dazed

Two girls stuck in a storm drain (with cell phone in hand) decide to update their status on Facebook rather than calling the cops or parents or friends for help !!!!!!!???????

Words fail me... So instead *thud* *thud* *thud* (hitting my head with my cellphone)....

If you are feeling sorry for my cellphone and not my head, then its the 44th sign that you are obsessed with your cellphone ...