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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No to Plagiarism !!!!

Highheelconfidential has been one of my favorite sites these days... 

full timepass for me when I come home after cracking my head open about almost everything at school !!

Payal & Priyanka have put soo much effort into this website and now this....

Grrrrrr... already wrote an email to this Zing thingy... apparently its owned by Zee !!



  1. ya stupid zee ppl. You really wrote them an email ?? Awesome !!

  2. Thanks a lot for the support! We really appreciate a lot. Just seeing all of the love that you have shown us is overwhelming! Much love!

  3. didnt know about HHC...now that u introduced!!
    i think she and shahid came together on that episode and she started to cry.

    well, its medias interpretation and u know when they run outta maerial, this is what they cater to!!

  4. @Payal,
    love your website !!!!
    hope the Zing people realize what they are doing and apologize...

    @ Rush,
    shahid and who(Kareena ?) got together? on Zing ?

  5. @ Prashanti
    :) yup wrote them an email but a short one... planning to send them another long one :)

    @ Titaxy
    yeah, this sucks infinity + one times !!!

  6. :P

    This is the first time im coming here
    I didnt understand a word you said but i liked teh way you said it
    will be back again to read stuff id understand

  7. @ Harini,

    Wow!!!!!! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment inspite of not understanding what I wrote...I am honored...So sweet of you...thank you... thank you...

  8. hey, you going to write posts every 4 months or what ?
    hows college ? saaku...take a break...
    and how many times I have asked you to write abt your Vegas trip ??

  9. @ SowmyaKiran,

    just for you I will try to publish a post every 4 hours, oky ? happy ? :)
    and you already know abt my casino adventures, so why are you behind my back, huh?

  10. aio... let everyone know how you put 50 dollars into the slot machine instead of 5 dollars !! it was something like that right?

    so where are all the posts that you are supposed to write every 4 hours for me ? :)