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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Status quo: dazed

Two girls stuck in a storm drain (with cell phone in hand) decide to update their status on Facebook rather than calling the cops or parents or friends for help !!!!!!!???????

Words fail me... So instead *thud* *thud* *thud* (hitting my head with my cellphone)....

If you are feeling sorry for my cellphone and not my head, then its the 44th sign that you are obsessed with your cellphone ...


  1. LOl.. but it's so so obvious that we first update our status on social sites and then get into reality and do the necessary acts, no ?

    Hahaha.. Obsessed with cell phone..hehehe... I'm actually not..where I have lost 5 phones already and currently using the 6th one...which is just 3 months baby ;)

  2. @ Nu
    yeah, I guess so... but still *thud* *thud* :)

    5 phones lost !!
    wow !! I dont know why I am saying this but, again wow !! :)
    hope you dont lose the 6th one ;)

  3. seriously..what were they thinking?..

  4. lol...u speak loud and clear for my sistah!!

  5. even i was wondering when i read this piece of news.....this is abnormal behavior.
    BTW why you are not writing any more posts....is this news is a reminder for you ...??

  6. @ Titaxy
    tried to figure that out..but coudn't... so more *thud* *thud* ... LOL...
    btw when & why did you change your name ?

    @ Rush,
    sigh... these young generation... not that we are old !!

    been busy with studies dear... but coudn't control myself when I read this news !! So I guess I am back for now :)

  7. Ranju,
    I heard a weird story(real one!!!) about a thief who had logged into FB at his crime location!!! Can you imagine that? and that idiot did not even sign off! thats the extent of addiction!

  8. @ Vidya,
    LOL !!!!!!
    the home owners should thank FB !!!!