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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

They never stop...

Scene 1: 3 years back, in the first few weeks of my life in frozen land:

me: I never get any mail !!
hubby: what !! whenever I see you, you are always replying to emails, chats, scraps !!

me: not emails !! I meant paper mail, letters, parcels. The outside world doesnt know I exist in this address.
hubby: ask your parents, cousins, aunts & uncles to send you letters instead of emails

me: huh !! that will be too many letters to reply back to. What a wastage of postage & paper !!
hubby: Sigh...

Somewhere in my head, something made me do this: Sign up to receive Chadwicks brochure.
And every time one arrived, I would proudly read my name and exclaim "ah !! see they know I live here".


Scene 2: present day

Opened the mailbox to find :
  1. coupons- from hair cutting to grass cutting
  2. roof repair
  3. drainage cleaning
  4. kohls - (hee hee)
  5. restaurants -(useful !!)
  6. spa coupons- (mmm...)
  7. maid services
  8. tyre repair - (practical to keep this)
  9. credit cards
  10. loan offers
  11. insurance companies
  12. mortgage companies
  13. septic tank installation & cleaning - (????)
  14. window cleaning
  15. A/C repair
& some more...

me: how the hell do they get our address ? how do they know we live here ? If only I could install a shredder right in our mailbox !! Sigh...

hubby: Now sit and enjoy reading your name !! hahaa...