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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

They never stop...

Scene 1: 3 years back, in the first few weeks of my life in frozen land:

me: I never get any mail !!
hubby: what !! whenever I see you, you are always replying to emails, chats, scraps !!

me: not emails !! I meant paper mail, letters, parcels. The outside world doesnt know I exist in this address.
hubby: ask your parents, cousins, aunts & uncles to send you letters instead of emails

me: huh !! that will be too many letters to reply back to. What a wastage of postage & paper !!
hubby: Sigh...

Somewhere in my head, something made me do this: Sign up to receive Chadwicks brochure.
And every time one arrived, I would proudly read my name and exclaim "ah !! see they know I live here".


Scene 2: present day

Opened the mailbox to find :
  1. coupons- from hair cutting to grass cutting
  2. roof repair
  3. drainage cleaning
  4. kohls - (hee hee)
  5. restaurants -(useful !!)
  6. spa coupons- (mmm...)
  7. maid services
  8. tyre repair - (practical to keep this)
  9. credit cards
  10. loan offers
  11. insurance companies
  12. mortgage companies
  13. septic tank installation & cleaning - (????)
  14. window cleaning
  15. A/C repair
& some more...

me: how the hell do they get our address ? how do they know we live here ? If only I could install a shredder right in our mailbox !! Sigh...

hubby: Now sit and enjoy reading your name !! hahaa...


  1. ROFL...u r sooo cute :)
    the saga of our lives!!sigh!!

  2. rofl..that's why they say 'be careful what you wish for' ;-)

  3. Goodness you too? I remember subscribing to every free magazine on the planet (hee even on how to maintain a backyard garden even though I have no back or front yards).Now I am fed up off finding ways to dispose kilos of paper and wish I could sponsor visa's to Kabadiwala's from India.

    Haa u sure your drainage system is working fine?? Use the coupons will ya and you might be surprised at the amount of information and thoughts gone down ur drain!!!

    pss psst...me loves Kohl's coupons too and the hubby hides it if he gets his hands on it first

  4. Hey!! Ranjani!!! Thanks for your comments!!! Its been ages since we spoke!!! Hope all is well with you!!! I really liked your blog and will surely keep coming back!!!


  5. @ Rush,
    u called me cute :) :) thank u !!

    sigh, I wished for the wrong thing !!

    garden magazines ? seriously? LOL !!!!!
    its better some thoughts go down the drain :) !!!!
    need space for new thoughts no ?

    me doing good !! thanks for stopping by !!

  6. awarded...hop over to my blog, pls :-)

  7. My husband just moved to my place and he gets ALL those useless coupons he used to get at his old place to this address, seriously, ALL those people have some sort of link up with teh USPS database, methinks !!

  8. @ Prashanti,

    maybe you are right !! how else would they know your hubby moved ?