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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sipping tea, I am wrestling between the thoughts of taking a nap or to finish grading the quizzes.

Well, I cant help it. 
Why? Blame the weather !!

Had been to the lab today (yeah, I work on saturdays !!). But didn't get much work done. 

Why? I tell you it's the weather... Take a look...

 The view from the window

I was wondering where did all the ducks disappear to? Florida ????

So wondering what I am doing here, decided to call it a day and head home(atleast)...

Once out of the building,  I saw that while a few brave hearts were still guarding the fort,  about 15 of them were waiting by my car... probably looking for a ride to Florida...

I let them know that the farthest I am driving today is about 8 miles from their lake and hit the road.

And here I am, looking out of our sunroom and seeing the not so sunny view...

In spite of the gloomy outlook, I love the rains !! Everything looks so fresh and green and the smell of the earth,ah !!  indescribable...

And now, time to head for the kitchen for another cup of tea and some more deep thinking  on whether to take a nap or to grade those quizzes...


  1. i love the rainy weather too..i feel so peaceful during rainy days..love it! nice pcis

  2. nice weather to sleep... yawn...........................

    why is it harry potter weather ?

  3. Wonderful weather for a nap and later pakoda/bajji with a cup of coffee/tea. Probably even churmuri!!
    I miss rain and the smell when it rains!!!

  4. Althouh its too late for advice, I'd say snuggle under the cushiest comforter and take a loooong nap !!!!! Quizzzes can wait under the pillow to be graded :)

    PS: Are you a grad student?? and a TA at that??

  5. yes yes I agree with Prashanti... never too late to go to sleep... grade quizzes later (if you havent done it till now) :)

  6. I like rain too,

    its okay to sleep...let quizzes wait. Are they still waiting?

  7. @ Titaxy,
    thank u :)
    where hav u been? no new posts from u ?

    well it was a silly title...it's because as the HP story progresses, it becomes gloomy and sinister... coudn't think of any other title :P

    with the rains still pouring churmuri has become a staple here :)

    did exactly that :)
    yes, Im a TA and working towards my master's degree :)

    @ Malar,
    quizzes waited while I slept :)
    but eventually I had to grade them !!

  8. The pictures are done so nicely...it's giving the exact scene one could see if actually on the spot...nice efforts :) And so finally what did you do then after cups of tea and loads of pondering :) ?

  9. @ Nu,
    thank you !!
    I went to sleep :)

    but eventually the quizzes were graded and returned !!

  10. and its getting colder by the day..i hate cold rains :(
    garam pakode, chai and cozily sipping inside the house..the perfect way to njoi!!
    u captured the feel well.

  11. @Rush,
    thank you !!
    its now fall here, but nothing like the north-east !!