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Saturday, January 31, 2009

 Whenever I happen to talk to a friend after 2-3 years I happen to be lost for words even though there are lots to be said.The conversation comes down to mere formalities like "how is your family doing? how's your work? how's the weather?"

 Today I am feeling the same as I am trying to think of something to write after such a long gap...there's lots to write about only that I dont know which one to pick first... so i thought why not write about the weather!!!.........

 Today's weather was fairly good... sun was out and thus my mood was cheerful... I hate gloomy, dark days. Can't get anything done. It's like there is no motivation to get up and move. My (our) existence depends on the sun. But I suddenly realized that when in distress I never happen to pray to the "Sun-God" !!!  mmmmm... has me thinking...


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  2. Looking forward to your posts! Thanks for commenting on mine. I bet you would have many more masaledar stories to tell!!!