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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Everyone has their oops moments once in a while. I have had those and when I think about those moments later, I just cant stop wondering how did that happen?

Here's one such moment:
We didnt have our Toyota back then and our trusted Suburu was our Pushpaka Vimana (still is...)...One weekend we headed out to the movies. I had my learner's permit.

Hubby - "why dont you drive?"
me - "do I have to?"
Hubby - "The more you drive, the more confident you will be for your DL test..."
me - "but I drive so slow, we wont make it in time to the movies..."
Hubby - "do you always have to have a ready-made answer ?"

We got into the car. 
Seat belt ON - YES
Music ON - YES
Door closed - Errr...

Apparently, I had not shut my side of the door properly !!! Our Suburu doesnt have the beeper and my poor hubby put the car in reverse, got the car out of the parking spot and made a sharp curve and OPEN SESAME !!!!
I blurted out aloud - - - Tadaaaa.....

OOPS !!!
What happened next? - I learnt what I have to do in such situations - - -  keep my mouth shut !!!

One of the things that we first checked for when buying our Toyota was whether it had the warning beeper. Luckily it gives warning audio-visuals...

When we both think of  this incident, it never fails to induce a hearty laugh !!!


  1. I was wondering if you would ever resume writing... keep up the good work !!!

  2. Nice blog. I really liked the poem you sent for my B'day, thanks a lot !!!

  3. RainWater,
    what happened to ur exam? did it get postponed due to rains???

  4. very funny...I chose to use this name because I am as precious as rain water. exam yelli postpone aaguththe? have to study waaaaah...

  5. Ranju,This post had be "biddu biddu" laughing!! :)

  6. thanks Vidya for stopping by :) :) :) :)