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Friday, March 27, 2009


you must be thinking the title must have been a slip up for mac-o-rama ???

No, you read it right, Mac-aio-Rama...

A few months back I decided to take advantage of the Apple's offer for students and get a mac. I made a deal with my hubby. 

me - "I get to keep the laptop and you get to keep the ipod-touch that comes free with it."

hubby - "  and the laptop will be registered in my name,  Deal ?" 

me - stared at him like this...

( later I began to persuade him to go for a Management degree, since he knows how to make good of  every situation ...)

We went to the Apple store... Let me tell you, it's something about the lighting in that store that mesmerizes us and makes us stay there longer... And the longer we stay, higher the chances we come out with something that has a bitten apple on it...

We bought the mac home...

Oh! I was so thrilled...I didn't want to sleep that day...
next day, it dawned -- I am not smart enough for a Mac !!!!!!!

I had a tough time figuring out the keyboard functions...
I thought there was no right click until she told me that it exists...

Every few days I come across a function that I believed didn't exist and be totally awed by it...

I have had it for like 8 months now and totally love it !!! I don't care if I am not smart enough for it, I still love my Mac...

Alright, but why the aio-rama

... its because I have read such good reviews on the Mac's reliability that people say it's hard to find an excuse to replace it with the newer, gorgeous macs... that means 5-6 years down the lane, it will be very difficult to make another deal with my hubby...aio-rama...


  1. hey ranju,
    thanks for stopping by my blog....my husband has a macpro and he cant stop talking about it and its not even now..hes has it for almost 3 years now !!!!!!!!!!!! I soo loved the day when i discoverd that you can right click by tapping two fingers :) and yes you are right ..the macs are super reliable so no more deals :(

  2. Aiiooo I didn't know how to right click till a friend of mine told me! I am eyeing the new macpro, the old one will be handed down to my husband :)

  3. I am a PC and I study genes

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWk8ouioXgE

  5. haahaaa... that video should also have included "I am a 5 year old PC and I C-R-A-S-H...OOPS there goes your homework..."

  6. I am an old(er) dog and not sure if I can learn new tricks. I definitely think MAC is good, particularly the graphics are unmatched. Sigh, for now I will stick to my PC since there are more old/young dogs at home who don't wanna learn a new trick :)