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Thursday, March 26, 2009


                                                                                                         - Anonymous

I came across this when I was looking up some old files on my computer, probably forwarded to me by family or a friend. 
Whoever wrote the above verse deserves this.

I believe life is too short to waste time thinking about people who don't care about you. Over the years I have learnt to be like a mirror -- Reflect behavior. 
If people come to me when they need something and then ignore me; Here's what I do - Ignore them.

I have learnt to focus my attention to people who really care and as a result have developed strong bonds with some truly wonderful people and feel very lucky to have them in my life...


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  2. why the sudden musings dear? is it really possible to ignore people ah? teach me, teach me.

  3. and see I kept my promise of using my real name as soon as you did!!! but you have to agree that I am as precious as rain water!!!
    now don't stop writing!!!

  4. Very well put..:) But,sometimes people may not necessarily be ignoring us,they may just caught entangled in their own web of life,or going through a bad phase..:)

  5. true Vidya, I agree with you...
    its not possible to be in constant touch with everyone...
    What I was trying to say is: the less we worry about why people are not in contact with us, the easier it is on us... Because we have so many other important things to worry about in life...
    Ignorance is Bliss or To ignore certain things is double Bliss... :) :)

  6. and thanks Vidya for sharing your thoughts !!!