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Saturday, June 6, 2009

All talk no action = nothing achieved

Two posts back I stated that everyone has the right to talk about anything/everything...

But I again want to emphasize that whining about something without trying to solve the problem doesn't set a "GOOD" example...right?

I just want to ask one question:

"If Gandhi sat in South Africa and whined and whined to his friends about the British rule in India, and then carried on his business as usual,  what would he have achieved?"

Instead, he decided to take action !!! He participated !!! He contributed !!!
Most important of all, He tried !!!

My request to RI's and NRI's:  "TRY"

My specific request to NRI's: You don't have to take action on a Gandhi scale/level...You don't have to leave everything that you worked for in Pardes and go back to Des and start sweeping the streets...
Instead "TRY" to contribute to the system in whatever possible way you can even if it is on a minuscule scale/level...

Make use of BRAND NRI  in a constructive way !!! 

No country is perfect...People choose which country to live in based on their individual requirements/situations. 

I used to whine too, but then I realized:
"We can't afford to throw stones at others when we are living in a glass house."


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  2. So true. All this discussion has to motivate me to do something but all I can think of is going back home. This NRI, India discussion has only made me home sick beyond my imagination. I don't want to throw stones or live in a glass house- I want to go back to that smoke and asthma ridden country ;((

    But honestly, I have no clue what to do for India sitting here. Sending money to build houses/reconstruct lives is all I think of :(( My bad, I know.

  3. Ranju,
    In line with your thoughts of doing something,I joined a non-profit started by some bloggers in Mumbai,I help them with publicity here,co-ordinate efforts here,do a tiny bit of web design,send money when I can,etc. check out

  4. really proud of you vidya !!! keep up the good work !!!

    I am trying to help in my own ways too...but I myself feel bad that I am not doing enough...
    I realized I am no different too if I just crib, so I will stop the cribbing for now...
    I might as well put my time to constructive use I realized !!!

  5. Great post Ranju! Each of us left India for different reasons but India never left most of us atleast..thank God for that. There is good and bad in every place, we need to appreciate the good and try to eliminate the bad. Otherwise, we will always be miserable in life chasing things that we can't have. As for doing things for India, oh my, where do I begin?! Ask my husband Uday and will give you million ideas starting from getting CA school text books that portray India/Hinduism in a bad light to starting small schools in rural India...the list goes on. There is no shortage of ideas, just shortage of people that are passionate about helping India. My motto has always been " We are ambassadors from India in many countries. Let us behave in a way that makes ourselves and India proud"!.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Rupa aunty!!! We are well aware of Uday uncle's efforts and are very proud of it!!!

    I really liked this: "My motto has always been " We are ambassadors from India in many countries. Let us behave in a way that makes ourselves and India proud"!.
    and how true it is!! I completely agree with you!!! You put it correctly!!!

    While writing some of the posts here on this blog, I realized that I am no better either. I have so many bad things in me too. I am not perfect to preach others. It's been just 3 years since I came here. I have got a lot to learn about the Indian community here and the way they behave, why they behave like that. Because I am part of the Indian community too. I may not like certain things that they do.But 20 years down the lane who knows How I will turn out to be? But one thing I pray to God is, let India be in me always.

    And If we stay in this country long enough, I know for sure that we can always look up to you and I know we can come to you for suggestions regarding the ways of life here in America America...