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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My first review of a product

Me-"we will stop eating rice and start eating chapathis for dinner daily"
Me- "there was no question mark in my sentence"

Him-"you are going to make the chapathis"
Me-"you are not going to help?"
Him- "there was no question mark in my sentence"
Me- Grrrrrrrrrrrr.....(scratching)...Grrrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Well I thought I can buy one of those tortilla/roti/chapathi makers and making chapathis will be as easy as...
as easy as...mmm...let's just say, as easy as scratching...

So I got this...and if anyone out there are in the thinking process of getting one read what I have to say and then decide if you want to get one...

So here is my review:
  1. 3 settings-low, medium,high. 4th setting-OFF
  2. it has to be on high, to make chapathis, otherwise hittu(dough) will just stick and sit there forever without rising
  3. 1st day I used that, they came out like tortillas. I shouldn't have been surprised, it says tortilla maker!!!
  4. It says in manual the quality will improve as days go by and even some of the reviews said that. That's why I ordered it.
  5. after 2-3 times of using it, they started coming out well.
  6. the pressing is so easy, no strain at all...
  7. but even at that high setting, I guess the heat is ~ equivalent to low setting on electric stove burner and hence it takes somewhat more time to cook each side or I felt it that way because you see nange patience kammi(=less)...
  8. I thought a few drops of oil has to be added, otherwise the chapathis will be like you know rotis or tortillas...
  9. I had read in review that the inside doesnt cook properly...well I found out its true for some of the chapathis, the insides were still kachka pachka...
  10. so I thought I will try pressing hittu in this and cook the chapathi on stove-top...guess what?
  11. that thing has to be ON and plates heated, otherwise the hittu just sticks there...
  12. So I thought, maybe I can set it at low-setting, so that it doesnt consume much electricity, since I am using the electric burner too, but at low setting the heat is not enough, so even if the hittu flattens out, its difficult to separate it from that plate...
  13. Which REMINDS me of MSK(Marimallappa PU chemistry teacher)...I used to attend his 6.30 am batch tuition and that fellow used to put fans so early in the morning...brrrrrrr...the switch for those two cealing fans were near the back benches where boys used to sit and as time went by, they would cm-by-cm slowly turn the knob so that that thing would still be rotating but no gaali(air) coming, hoping that MSK woudnt notice it!!! but we are talking abt MSK here, so he would shout at them "MAKLA THIRUSRO KNOB NAAAA, AAKADE CURRENT KARCHAAGBEKU EEKADE GAALI NU BARBAARDU HANGE MAADTHIRA NANGE " and they would whimper back "current bill save maadi next batch tuition feees li adjust maadkoli saaaaar, namna bittu bidi, manege hogbekaadre daarili ondu stop maadlebeku number-one ge, ashtu chali maadthira illi"
  14. coming back: Hubby was saying the hittu probably had too much water thats why its sticking...hav to try making very gatti hittu(dough with less water)...
  15. Inbetween I had the Idea of returning this and just getting one of those tortilla press...but I could only find those metal ones and I know it needs some pressure to be put and after sometime hands start aching...havent used the ones here(but have used those metal sandige press in India which looks similar)...
  16. so this is what I am doing from past 2 days: set that thing to medium/high heat...press it on that and cook it on stove top...and this process is working for me and I am finding the chapathi making process effortless!!!! and chapathis coming out good!!! 
  17. now some of the reviews said that after 10 months the heating stops working!!! hope that doesnt happen to me...
Will update this after a few months...

and then back to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...scratch.............SRK singing ye ladki hai alla...hai haire alla........wake-up,  no SRK, sob.....adjust pillow...zzzzzzzzz...SRK holding my hand again -"It's alright Senorita, Bade Bade Deshon Mein, Aisi Choti Choti Baatein Hoti Rahti Hain."....zzzz:)zzzz:)zzzzz:)zzzzz:)zzzz

Update: I changed the atta/chapathi flour brand and the chapathis are coming out really good now...


  1. Yakko!! I bought one from India that disgusting thing blew fuse and died! Didn't even have the chance to see the dough on its surface- just plugged it in and BOOM! Hope you have better luck than me !!! Found better press than this maa and it doesn't even blow up on you. What ah? My ganda jayaramulu!!!

  2. ah...you got chapathi maker from India? what else did you get ya? tell no please...next time me too want to get such things, but things that dont have any fuse!!!

  3. Me thinks it's a virus that got into you two students while in the same college...Y would someone but a Chappathi maker when all it takes is a Chakla and Belan to make one?? Am scratching my head like...well ahem...like everyone else???

    SJ is classic no? got it all the way from India just to blow the fuse..

  4. @Sakshi,
    I don't know abt any virus but I am sure the 'lazy bug' got into me :):)
    Why would I buy a chapathi maker...m tooo lazy maa to use chakla and belan....btw these 2 words are new to me, and I love learning new words, never know when they come in handy...One time(pre-internet days...) when I had just heard abt the town Palakkad(Kerala), I had a terrible fight with my cousin...just to bug him called him "Palakkad" and it worked for 2 days until he saw the word on a pickle bottle...

    ah, abt SJ... psst did I tell you that her fuse is blown too!!!!

  5. ranju no using the word Palakkad for fun ok?? Me a true blooded keralite...but lolz to that pickle bottle..

    Thanks buddy for the secret info abt SJ....*shudders*

  6. 1 whole month I dont visit your blog(because you said you were in hibernation mode), and my my my, what is this whole thing going on ya?

  7. and as for the chapathi maker, I dont need one, because my cook makes excellent chapathis and if she doesnt show up, I can just visit the darshini around the corner for the yummy masala-dosas!!! heeheehee

  8. hey Ranju,

    Divya told me you are back in action...nice post...why dont you put some pics from your numerous trips on your blog

  9. @ Divya,
    can I exchange your cook for my chapathi maker???

    just lazy to write regularly...one of these days will put up some pictures...