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Friday, June 26, 2009

colors for me and you...

Fridays are kind of relaxing for me. Most fridays, we either go out for dinner or my hubby cooks!!! Its what I call a perfect way to ease into the weekend mood...
This friday was no exception, hubby dear offered to cook and how can I refuse??? me being so sweet do I ever say no to anyone??? (I can see the tomatoes & eggs coming my way...)

With some free time on my hands I thought I will hit the books, got to take an exam in August you see...But reading Biochemistry on a friday night, not appealing right?

With nothing interesting on tv, thought will get started with that new painting kit that I got a few days back...

Settling into a cozy corner I gave much thought on what should my delicate and petal-soft hands bring to life?(more tomatoes & eggs coming, this time rotten...)

After 90 minutes into the thinking process, (which also involved checking my yahoo, gmail,University mail,orkut,facebook,blogroll ~10 times in that timeframe), I thought I will just get started. Had seen something on HGTV 'Design on a Dime' long time back and thought will give it a try....

And here it is...

It may not be on par with Vincent Van Gogh's paintings. It may be just colorful squares, but its colorful!!!!  Sigh, I have spent the entire morning sitting in front of it admiring those crooked squares, watching the effect of sunlight on those squares. Protected my masterpiece from the nasty bee that was hell bent on sticking its nose in between those squares. Who needs sleep?who needs food and water? My soul is feasting on the colors...
..... .........
........ ................
.............. .....................
hubby: you in the mood for mexican food?
me: 5 bucks if you beat me to the car......zzzzzooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmm!!!!


PS: This is my first ever painting project and I am more than happy to share how I did it...
  1. materials: 10in x 10in canvas, acrylic paint.
  2. stick scotch/masking tape/blue painter's tape horizontally and vertically on the canvas, spacing the tapes according to the size of the squares you want.
  3. paint the squares created by the intersecting tapes your fav colors...
  4. pull out the tapes.
  5. paint the spaces in b/w and around the squares a dark color or any color you want.
  6. I realized the tapes were not evenly spaced and hence some of my squares are smaller than the others.
  7. I tried to do some patch-up work after I removed the tapes and end result: some of my squares= crooked( err...am not very good at this painting stuff).


  1. Hey, I loved the colors !!!!! and OMG, you watch HGTv too ??? I am stuck to it ALL the time !!! Pliss to tell me how you made this one and plz share anymore ideas that you have :) :)

  2. What is that supposed to be?

  3. Bannaaaaaaa Nanna Olavina Bannaaaaaaaaaa...why your colours not enough for your soul? you need mexican food too? haahaa...nice one btw...

  4. Wow it looks v nice. I wanna try my hand on painting too, please put up some pointers here for starters :-P

  5. U paint too?? and what did u do to the second pic?? I checked all the colors and saw blue is missing sobs...i love blue...sobs. How abt putting up a step by step instruction for the painting??

  6. @Prashanti, thank you!!! HGTV is a fav passtime!!!

    @SJ, colorful crooked squares...

    @Divya, do you know that I used to sing that song all the time when I was a kid!!! and err... I realized I need colorful food too!!!

    @Ersa, thank you!!!

    @Sakshi, this is my first one!!! mmm dont know why blue is missing...thinking abt it now...mmmm...just put some powerpoint ka jaadu to the second pic heehee wink!!!

  7. @Prashanti, Ersa, Saakshi,
    hav included how I did that painting in my post

  8. Ranju, hats off on your first painting project! It's colorful! You know I am totally hooked on HGTV and DOD is one of fav shows (although not too crazy with the new team).

    My two cents on why blue is missing in it? Because you were so happy at that time (because hubby offered to cook?). Your painting often reflects your mood at the time they say right? Ok, enough of my theories. Well, I will send you another project soon that is easy and so colorful I think you will love it...coming soon to your email :) - Rupa-

  9. thank you rupa aunty!!!!
    LOL!!! maybe you are right abt the missing blue!!!! waiting for the email :)

  10. Danks me gonna make a blue blue full of squares painting...and like ur Roop aunty said maybe I will have to fight with hubby to get into a blue mood...

  11. Awesome art!! And I do remember you singing the "banna" song as a kid..:)

  12. Really colourful!!!

  13. this is my first time here...I liked your blog...you review for chapathi maker is detailed and informative.

  14. I am so pathetic at art that I can barely distinguish colours. So taking Sakshi's word that blue is missing for granted.
    I liked that tape idea. Will teach Ayushi the trick. She loves to paint.

  15. Yes that IS pretty colourful! I love it. Imagine it on a plain off white section of the wall... hmm.. u know.. how about making two of these, and one in just black white and grey and hanging them diagonally on the wall? *ducks as the eggs and tomatoes come her way* :D

  16. the missing blue means you need to cool down a bit.....you know naa!...i am into color therapy...
    why dint you allow the honey bee to scrawl over it...could have been a modern art..:D:D

  17. @Vidya,
    thank you!!! You still remember that? so chweet of you !!! I still like that song, but only to hear it...If I see that video now, I cannot help ROFL!!!!


    glad that you liked my blog...

    would love to see Ayushi's paintings!!!

    thank you!!!
    not a bad idea!!! and you know what? all the walls here are off white, so it would look good...

    mmm...you maybe right...I am always jumping around and what can I say about my temper!!! I do need to cool down...
    I didn't think abt the bee in that angle...mmm...maybe I will keep my next painting in the balcony while it is still wet :D