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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We loved you...
And we cheered you...

We Idolized you...
And we hated you... 

We cried for you...
And we miss you...

We cherish you...
Goodbye MJ !!!


  1. Hold Me
    Like The River Jordan
    And I Will Then Say To Thee
    You Are My Friend
    Tell Me Will You Hold Me
    When Wrong, Will You Scold Me
    When Lost Will You Find Me?

    Sobs...sobs...sobs...I hate it when people die!!

  2. tata MJ- I watched your memorial service twice. Your brother spoilt that 'smile' song and your kids look super cute. Don't worry Janet will take good care of them.
    PS- Can I get one of those dijang gloves your brothers were wearing?

  3. Did you see his memorial service? We all miss him. But he lives through his songs.

  4. I was watching "we are the world" today and I cried Waaaaaaaahhhhh Sob...

  5. @ Sakshi,
    so sad know?

    I thought those gloves can be found online, no?

    we all miss him...

    yes, watched the memorial service and I like that song too...

    @ Rush,
    thank you...

  6. I recall dancing to his songs, oh there was only one MJ. I had forgotten all about him for a few years now, but he sure was talented. What a sad way to die?! Are these super talented artists on a suicide mission I wonder?!!!! -RK-

  7. @ RK,
    It sure was a sad way to die!!! and that too at 50 years!!!!